A Willingness to Explore: Rory Kinnear on Men

“Men,” Alex Garland’s latest film as a writer and director, is full of audacious stylistic gambits. But one of the riskiest—and the most rewarding—comes courtesy of Rory Kinnear. This isn’t the first time the English actor has played multiple roles in a single production: It’s a trick he also pulled off on the Showtime horror … Read more

Video Interview: Thomas Jane, Nicole Chamoun, and Candice Fox on Troppo | Interviews

The new Australian crime drama, “Troppo,” now streaming on Amazon FreeVee (formerly IMDb TV) is based on the bestselling book Crimson Lake, written by Australian crime writer Candice Fox. The name change to “Troppo” refers to the Aussie slang “gone troppo” for someone who goes mad in the heat.  It’s an appropriate title as the story … Read more

A Search For Redemption: Terence Davies on Benediction

Inspired by the life of WWI-era British poet Siegfried Sassoon, the latest film from writer/director Terence Davies is a swooning exploration of redemption, regret, privilege, and love set in a time before homosexuality was legalized in the United Kingdom. Like many of Davies’ films, “Benediction” examines the lingering trauma of war and how once it … Read more

David Cronenberg, Léa Seydoux, and Viggo Mortensen on Crimes of the Future, Cannes, eXistenZ, and More | Interviews

The script for “Crimes of the Future” was born sometime between between “eXistenZ” and “Crash,” correct?  I wrote it in 1998. So just before “eXistenZ” came out. If that’s when it came out. It came out in April 1999, and you came out against “The Matrix” which released in March, I hate to remind you. … Read more

Video Interview: Danny Boyle, Craig Pearce, and the Stars of FX on Hulu’s Pistol | Interviews

The new FX limited series “Pistol,” available on Hulu, takes a six-part journey into the anarchic history of the legendary Sex Pistols, the British band that catapulted the punk movement with their brash, noisy, rebelliousness and shook the conservative English establishment in the ’70s. The series was created and written by Australian Craig Pearce, and … Read more

I Wanted to Be a Part of This Story: Larry Wilmore and Rainn Wilson on Jerry and Marge Go Large | Interviews

Larry, your character and Bryan Cranston’s have been friends for decades, and we see the comfortable rhythms of that relationship in their first scene together. How do you create that chemistry of a long-term friendship? LW: Well, it’s great because I already knew Bryan Cranston. When I was doing “The Bernie Mac Show” and he … Read more